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A series of InfoDays will take place across Europe in the next couple of days/weeks to give detailed information to potential applicants, either face-to-face or by means of a free webinar.


The first such activity will be an EPSA 2017 presentation made on Tuesday 7 March at the Catalan School of Public Administration in Barcelona during the award ceremony of the Alfons Ortuño prize for the Catalan public sector.

This first InfoDay will be followed by:

  • On Wednesday 8 March, InfoDay in Vienna organised by our Austrian partner;
  • On Wednesday 15 March, free webinar organised by EIPA for all interested persons across Europe;
  • On Friday 17 March, InfoDay at EIPA Maastricht for a group of young civil servants (the HYPE IV network) from Dutch public organisations from several administrative levels
  • On 22 March, InfoDay in Finland, Lapland